#storeIntroducing the New York Woolrich Flagship

Introducing the New York Woolrich Flagship

The opening of the New York store signifies the first Woolrich flagship in the U.S with a modular layout that also doubles as a testing ground for the infinite experiential retail possibilities. Thereby, offering customers a varied retail experience as well as perfecting the art of visual communication. Modularity is the key word here.

The ability to reconstruct the store space also allows the freedom to display the product in numerous ways; whether it’s by gender, concept or creating new formats through the construction of visual languages.

The Woolrich narrative weaves itself around the store and storytelling appears in many forms – one of which being the vintage product displays amidst the undeniable presence of 189 years of history.

The new space also boasts America’s very first Snow Room where outerwear is tested in severe weather conditions. Temperatures plummet to -20°C and customers can immerse themselves in a blizzard - complete with falling snow.

The customization service, which also offers repairs, allows for a memorable experience and a unique purchase.
The unique work of master plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto not only adds a touch of greenery and a sense of balance, but the Green Fingers installations also breathe life into the 4,000 square foot space.

Ultimately, the crux of the new store is a multipurpose space that can organize an art exhibition by erecting a temporary stage, host an exciting pop-up store or even throw a private party for the launch of a special collaboration – all without the usual limitations of a regular store space. The result: satisfying the needs of the consumer, product and continuously evolving fashion landscape.

Community is also championed in the new store via a dedicated communal area where premium coffee is served in collaboration with local partner Ground Support Café.

The substantially expanded and completely redesigned store can be found on New York’s uber cool Wooster Street in Soho where it is perfectly positioned to become the new experimental hub for Woolrich.

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