Satoshi Kawamoto is a creative at heart and a master plant artist by trade that has certainly been blessed with green fingers. However, that expression doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to Kawamoto. Born and raised in Japan, Satoshi has made it his life’s work to transform the way we see plants and spaces using his rich heritage and unique perspective. His belief that contact with nature is vital for our wellbeing is manifested through his work.

Satoshi is also a creative director and he works on various projects involving installations, spatial styling and product development. His area of expertise is creating engaging spaces and taking great pleasure in surprising his audience.

Satoshi is a guarantee. When a space is lacking the strength I require – his work is guaranteed to ‘fix it. He adds value with his creations

Satoshi represents a lifestyle as opposed to an occupation. He certainly exudes a certain type of aesthetic on his Instagram profile. The jet setter. The fashion guru. The master plant artist. The businessman. The stylist. Satoshi wears many hats and still manages to oversee Green Fingers shops in Tokyo, New York and Milan.


He’s a “very sophisticated digital communicator”, according to Woolrich’s Creative Director, Andrea Canè.

Canè first met Kawamoto through mutual friend and Engineered Garments designer - Daiki Suzuki of Nepenthes in 2013 when he became very interested in succulent plants after seeing them with Suzuki. He then bought a few books on the subject and was told that he had to meet the “master plant artist” of succulents.


After an initial first meeting in which a translator was necessary – the two forged a bond despite not sharing a common language. Soon after, Kawamoto started creating green spaces - in his distinctive way - for the first Woolrich store in New York, followed by the Milan store and soon his work will also be featured in the just-about-to-open, substantially expanded and completely re-designed New York store on Wooster Street.


“Satoshi is a guarantee. When a space is lacking the strength I require – his work is guaranteed to ‘fix’ it. He adds value with his creations”, says Andrea. “He is also one of the best in the world when it comes to succulents”.


Thank God for Satoshi!” is Canè’s parting comment, immediately followed by a heartfelt laugh and a grateful smile.
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