#colabThe Woolrich Sustainable Collection designed by Jeff Griffin

The Woolrich Sustainable Collection designed by Jeff Griffin

Circular economy, second life and reducing water usage are at the core of this collection

Woolrich Sustainable collection is the third collaboration between Woolrich and the innovative Jeff Griffin.
Based on the Atlantic coast, carbon neutral Griffin Studio is also the home of Loveland Farm - a place where sustainability is at the core of every endeavour and where Jeff calls home.
Griffin meticulously designs garments that balance form, function and fashion with their passion for all things technology and sustainability.
Combined with the expertise that Woolrich has garnered by being outerwear authorities since 1830, the result is a collection that is irrefutably future-facing yet respectfully referencing our heritage.

Functionality comes to the fore by way of reversible outerwear, a parka that transforms into a sleeping bag/poncho with the flick of a zip and pockets inspired by poachers coats from the Woolrich archive.

At the core of this collection is the circular economy concept which incorporates the overproduction of factories and deadstock into four unique Second Life styles.
The goal is to eliminate waste by transforming the textile industry‘s leftover, discarded and unwanted surplus into functional, interesting and wearable garments.

Circular economy also supports the idea that if high quality fabrics are used, the risk of reaching landfill radically decreases due to the durability and re-use of garments.

Additional heritage inspired pieces appear in the form of garments with our classic red and black buffalo check along with our unique hunting orange wool – both made in the U.S. and taken from excess fabric stock. The fabrics used in this capsule are from high-end Italian suppliers which are breathable, water repellent and in clear alignment with the long-standing Woolrich philosophy of Garments with a Purpose.

Approximately 200 litres of water is used in the dyeing process, producing a mere 1kg of fabric and resulting in nearly 20% of global water waste.
In an effort to combat this, Griffin worked with North Italian technical sportswear manufacturer Majocchi to create an innovative Zero Water production process.

Partnering with Seaqual, an organisation that passionately challenges marine plastic pollution, has also allowed us to use fabric made from recycled plastic harvested from Spanish coasts.

Traceability has been carefully considered and although there is a long way to go, this type of innovation contributes to the development of ocean sustainability.

In the words of Jeff Griffin:

The best way to predict our future is to create it, sustainability is complicated. There isn’t a one fix solution but by making high quality garments that will last - is a good place to start. Then by choosing fabrics that come from recycled petrol chemicals, organic cotton and dead stock is the next step. There is so much to work with: less water in production, less dyeing, more printing, supply chain transparency and working with people who care

Exclusively created for this collaboration, Eco Ramar Cloth reduces water usage by 80%.
Composed of organic cotton and recycled Italian nylon, printed instead of dyed (another major water saving measure) and boasts the use of zero pesticides thanks to the organic cotton.

The Woolrich Sustainable Collection is a direct reflection of our commitment to adopting a more eco- conscious approach in the future and in an effort to reinforce this - the Second Life capsule will be a limited edition collection with only 120 pieces each available worldwide.

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